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Shanghai Xuanyi Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is a professional power supply service provider specializing in the sales and after-sales service of UPS power supply, EPS power supply, maintenance-free batteries, regulated power supply, computer room air conditioning, DC screens, and other products. It has rich technological information resources and channel resources. We have become an influential professional power supply sales company in the East China region, and our company has sufficient products for distributors and large-scale project allocation and turnover. We firmly believe that in a challenging future world, the green concept of "making the most of its effectiveness and enjoying its potential" will open up a new history of innovation, not only as a driving force for economic development, but also as a new force for changing work, thinking, and lifestyle.

Xuanyi Power has always been committed to providing high-quality products and services to users. Through continuous efforts, it has become a distributor of Kehua UPS Power, Schneider UPS Power, APC UPS Power, and Viti UPS. Its batteries include Tangqian Battery, Shengyang Battery, Shuangdeng Battery, Lishi Battery, and Panasonic Battery. Its warehouse is located in Jiading District, with sufficient supply to provide product guarantee for customers.

Product sales and services are widely involved in various industries, including banking, steel, energy, postal, power, transportation, and large group companies. We have developed and owned a wide customer base, and have won good reputation and reputation among our customers. The company has many years of experience as a sales engineer and skilled after-sales engineer for UPS power supply products, and has long-term partners in various industries. "People oriented, dedicated and enterprising, comprehensive service, and sincere and trustworthy" is the fundamental foundation of Xuanyi's foothold. According to market demand, the company will continuously explore the market, carry out new business, strengthen cooperation with peers, deepen communication with users, and gain the trust and support of peers and customers.

Xuanyi Power always adheres to the market concept of "honest management and service first" in the development process.



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