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KELONG UPS power YTR series

  • KELONG UPS power supply YTR31 series (20--200KVA) vertical
KELONG UPS power supply YTR31 series (20--200KVA) vertical

KELONG UPS power supply YTR31 series (20--200KVA) vertical

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KELONG UPS product type: online three single
Product features: intelligent high frequency online Jingwei YTR series, using full digital control technology and the new high frequency power conversion technology, has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low calorific value, set AC voltage regulator and back-up power, peak surge absorption and other functions, power protection to meet the harsh power environment.
Product technical parameters:
Digital control high reliability
The use of full digital DSP control technology, high control precision, fast speed, improve reliability and stability
Perfect network monitoring program, to achieve UPS operation and maintenance of intelligent management, improve the reliability of the system
Multilevel protection and safe operation
Input over-voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit, phase error, phase error and other alarm and protection function, adapt,
High resistance to load, high input voltage range, fully meet the harsh grid environment
Smart battery management to improve performance
MMBM battery management, effectively extend the battery life, reduce battery maintenance
Advanced charging, constant current charging, two phase charging, etc., effectively improve the battery charging efficiency
Energy efficient green environmental protection
Electromagnetic compatibility characteristics in line with GB7260.2
The input power factor is 0.95, the utilization rate of electric energy is high, the load of the network is small, and the distribution cost is saved
High, lower investment costs