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KELONG UPS power YTG series

  • YTG series three in three out UPS (10-600kva)
YTG series three in three out UPS (10-600kva)

YTG series three in three out UPS (10-600kva)

  • Product description: Kehua ups YTG series three in three out UPS (10-600kva)


YTG series medium and high-power UPS adopts the most mature phase controlled rectifier technology in the industry, equipped with superior power devices and inverter modules, intelligent multi-mode battery management technology, rich power management software and enhanced combined cabinet structure to provide high-performance and reliable sine wave uninterruptible power supply for loads, with good cost performance and user base.

Functional features

● mature technology and leading design

The output isolation transformer has high reliability and strong impact and short-circuit resistance, providing maximum protection for the connected key loads

The most mature phase controlled rectifier technology in the industry can adapt to various harsh industrial power grid environments with high reliability

The enhanced combined structure cabinet can be equipped with various IP protection, which is suitable for various harsh industrial environments

Optimize the circuit design, improve the circuit integration and anti-interference ability, and make the performance more stable

● independent double air duct structure

Double air duct design, good heat dissipation effect and high cooling efficiency, effectively protect key components and prolong the service life of ups

● redundancy design of key components

The working power circuit of the system adopts redundant design to effectively improve the reliability of system operation

The redundancy of power devices is large, with super overload and short-circuit protection ability to ensure the safety of equipment

● super grid adaptability

Ultra wide municipal power input range, which can adapt to the power grid range of different use environments

Avoid frequent switching between mains power and battery to prolong the service life of battery

● standard cabinets are unified and more professional

Mature black standard cabinet, the overall arrangement is simple and generous, more professional

The front and rear mesh design of the cabinet is perfectly matched with the equipment in the machine room to improve the aesthetics

● professional electromagnetic shielding and reliable electromagnetic compatibility characteristics

It has passed the professional EMC test of authoritative institutions and companies, including special contents such as conduction and immunity. It has excellent EMC characteristics and can be suitable for professional applications in high-frequency communication, radio, television and audio-visual systems

Reduce and avoid all kinds of interference and ensure the purity of power grid

The special protection technology design makes the important control circuit of the equipment in the "electromagnetic shielding room" at all times, and the specialty is more assured

● super load carrying capacity

The three-phase load is allowed to be 100% unbalanced, with strong load adaptability and high system reliability

The overload of 105% can operate continuously for a long time to ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment

● independent patented technology intelligent battery management system

Patented intelligent battery management technology can automatically test the battery and improve the reliability and service life of the battery

With risk-free discharge management function of battery pack

Battery temperature compensation function to prolong battery life

● powerful touch screen display interface

Large size color touch screen design, more in line with ergonomics and design aesthetics

Switch on / off double key combination, soft and hard combination, double protection

Rich LCD display and LED indication

Friendly man-machine interface, close to customers' habits, rich software functions, easy for users to read and operate information