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KELONG UPS power supply different types of working principle

Each type of UPS power supply works differently:
KELONG uninterruptible power supply backup power is directly to the load power supply when power supply is normal, while KELONG UPS power charger to ensure the battery is full of energy storage battery, power cut or the voltage is not normal, start the inverter by the battery storage power to continue to supply the power to the load; this type of UPS the general power supply for small power KELONG UPS power supply, the main object is some smaller load equipment;
KELONG UPS power line interactive is in normal use of electricity load of direct power supply, but some of the processing power, such as voltage regulator, filter, at the same time, the battery can be charged using a bidirectional converter, in order to keep the battery in a fully charged state, the power is not normal a bi-directional converter, inverter, using battery power to load power supply; double conversion on-line KELONG UPS is the first electric transform into DC, while charging the batteries supply side inverter to the next level, then the inverter DC converter rectifier or battery into AC to supply load. The KELONG UPS conversion to battery power supply time is 0, and can eliminate harassment electricity, mainly used for high power UPS power supply and the load is very important, more than 6kVA on the market is not between Disconnect power supply is basically this type of UPS power supply. Http://www.upsld.com


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