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KELONG UPS power supply to control the output load

For the vast majority of KELONG UPS power supply, when they are in the inverter power supply state, the general requirements of its load characteristics for pure resistance or capacitive. When the load is capacitive, the power factor is more than 0.8. Therefore, for those users with inductive load, we should pay attention to adjust the total load reactance, as far as possible to meet the power factor greater than 0.9. KELONG UPS power can actually bear the load power will decline. KELONG engineers recommend: KELONG UPS maximum boot load is best controlled within 80% of the rated output power of UPS. For sine wave output of KELONG UPS power supply, when the load is less than 30% of the rated output power of UPS, its output voltage waveform distortion coefficient will be slightly increased. Practice has proved that, for the vast majority of UPS, its load control in KELONG UPS rated output power of 30% ~ 60% within the scope of the best way to work. Therefore, those who require the AC input waveform should pay attention to this. Secondly, the user should pay attention to the change of KELONG battery pack, after the power outage KELONG battery pack to provide electricity, so as not to let KELONG battery power off.


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