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Hengsheng for three consecutive years to create a high reliability power supply for industrial China CNOOC offshore platform project solutions

The vast South China Sea, is China's most abundant oil and gas resources in the sea, the annual oil and gas exploration and development of this ship is difficult to count. In order to cope with the busy and difficult offshore engineering operations, the ship and offshore oil platform users of the key equipment of the power supply requirements more stringent. Since 2015, Xiamen Hengsheng Limited by Share Ltd has China Offshore Oil Corporation, a branch of offshore platform project service for three consecutive years, provides an important support industrial power solutions tailored for the project operation.
The particularity of marine power supply
From the Ministry of land and resources data show that the main oil-bearing basins in the continental shelf of the South China Sea known more than ten, an area of about 852 thousand and 400 square kilometers, accounting for almost half of the total area of the continental shelf of the South China Sea, is a treasure trove of oil and gas resources.
Although the development and utilization of offshore oil resources has broad prospects, but its operating environment and land on a huge difference, so the development of offshore oil for the application of technical equipment put forward higher requirements.
Marine industrial application type power supply security system (hereinafter referred to as "marine power system") play a key role in electric power security of ships, offshore oil platform, it is widely used in navigation, maritime, emergency lighting and safety and cruise related system; key equipment research laboratory equipment, computer and network system etc.; customization system exploration, drilling, monitoring system, automatic control system and other marine operations; restaurant, site monitoring business system on board.
Hengsheng marine UPS series
Marine power supply system is a special application in the industrial field. It is not a "copy" of the onshore industrial power supply system.
"In the marine, offshore oil platform, the environment is easy to shake, ocean climate and humidity, salt mist, oil mist, mold erosion, resulting in equipment installation, operation, maintenance, maintenance is not easy." Hengsheng technology engineer said, in such a special environment, the user of the equipment with high safety and high reliability has very strict requirements.


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